Thankyou for deciding to donate!

Thankyou for choosing to donate to BRLM.

Your donations are what make this movement grow. By donating you are playing your part in fighting for the British people and British culture. 

There are two ways you can donate, Donorbox or GoFundMe. 


Your donation will directly go to:

- Materials

- Flyers

- Banners

- Venue hire

- Rallies

- Promo

- Admin

- Marketing

- Transport & Distribution

Together we will make the change that is needed for Britain to be great again for generations to come. Thankyou you can sign up to regular and irregular donations. 

GO FUND ME is another option of financing the


This is the Official British Lives Matter Organisation website.

British Lives Matter is an online forum intended to build connections between British people and supporters of British culture who want to standup for British heritage, history, fight inequalities, injustices, to create dialogue among people, and to facilitate the types of connections necessary to encourage social action and engagement.

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