Guiding Principles

All British Lives Matter! -

What We Believe In

At BRLM we believe that being British is more than a passport, more than status, more than just a word. It is a definition of who we are, what we stand for, and where we come from. Being British is something that many people in history have sacrificed their lives, their families for, an unquestionable fact that should never be forgotten, and certainly forever appreciated.

The people of Britain now include many millions who have personally, or at least their families have, come from a different background, culture, way of life. At BRLM we believe every human life matters, but we are focused on British lives, All British Lives Matter! We believe in inclusive patriotism, that pride, passion, and a common desire for a great nation to live, should be a unifying force that surpasses race, religion and background. 

What is inclusive Patriotism? 

Inclusive patriotism sees love of country as a uniting force, something that can transcend social, racial and religious differences to bring people together. A patriot’s admiration and sense of duty are not contained within lines on a map and he may feel he belongs to other, broader identities. He can be for his own nation without being against anyone else’s.

We believe in: 


- Freedom of speech 
- Freedom of expression 
- Everyone equal under the same law 
- No hierarchy of rights 
- Fair and impartial policing 
- Freedom from partisan politically controlled media. 
- Education free from political interference. 
- Your Belief, Your Culture, Your Way Of Life.
- Your lifestyle, your lifestyle choices should between you and your fellow    enthusiasts - should never interfere with someone else’s life and liberties.  
- Civil and religious liberties for all
- Your right to point out corruption 
- Your right to criticise bad law 
- Your right to protest 
- Your right to hold politicians to account. 
- Freedom of information 
- Your right to vote 
- Your right to have democracy 
- Your right to be sovereign
- Governance by consent of the people. 
- The ingredients of a stable society. 



This is the Official British Lives Matter Organisation website.

British Lives Matter is an online forum intended to build connections between British people and supporters of British culture who want to standup for British heritage, history, fight inequalities, injustices, to create dialogue among people, and to facilitate the types of connections necessary to encourage social action and engagement.

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