A History of the #BRLM Movement

BRLM - Beginning of a movement

The British Lives Matter movement began in June 2020 after a direct assault on British heritage and culture went unopposed by Police and Politicians alike.


In protests in the British capital, London, the war Cenotaph in Whitehall's Union Jack flag was attempted to be set on fire. In the same protests, the Parliament square statue of British all-time hero Sir Winston Churchill was vandalised, and there were threats from protestors that they were going to forcibly rip it down.


This sparked a rally to protect the statue the following weekend and BRLM started right there, amongst the chaos.

This is the Official British Lives Matter Organisation website.

British Lives Matter is an online forum intended to build connections between British people and supporters of British culture who want to standup for British heritage, history, fight inequalities, injustices, to create dialogue among people, and to facilitate the types of connections necessary to encourage social action and engagement.

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